I’ve just got around to giving up drinking and I find that I like it. I like it more than I do drinking – for the moment at least. I’ve gone past the 100 day mark and it feels like the momentum is with me. I’ve been drinking pretty solidly since 1983 so this new path is a change to say the least.

In 2011 I quit my job, sold all my possessions and hit the road. It’s been good (if not a little disorganised) but I need to start thinking now about a more coherent plan for what the hell comes next. Getting sober is definitely a helpful start. I think that might have been the plan all along but I don’t always get the memos.


  1. Notme

    Where are you now? I like to think I could follow in your footsteps. I want to quit thinking of drinking and suicide. I have four youngish sons and a sweet husband. But I’m fairly certain I’m over the plane of ever being okay.

    • I’m still travelling but getting to the point where i need to get back into the mainstream and find a job. 1.5 years sober next week. I can only say I never thought getting sober was a possibility for me and I drank and had thoughts of suicide almost every day for years but what surprised me more than anything was how quickly the cravings went once I stopped drinking for a few weeks. I thought they would go on for months and years but they didn’t and I was a dedicated drinker of every kind of alcohol available. I’m not beyond thinking of ending it all on occasion still but it is more theoretical now and I am on a way more even keel emotionally. For me I needed to get away from everything to find space to do it. It sounds like that might be harder for you to do it that way but perhaps a little time away to make the first steps might be a good idea. When drinking I thought I was messed up forever too but it turns out a lot of that was the booze talking. Good luck.

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